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By Glenda Lappan; et al

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Why did Adrianna multiply by 20 ? How did she find what to multiply by? 2. What does this proportion tell you about the denominators? Why? 3. Is the answer correct? Explain. Joey’s Work: 8 cats x cats = 9 dogs 180 dogs 50 8 80 160 = = 9 90 180 4. What strategy did Joey use? There are 160 cats. 5. Why can he make this claim? qxd 5/18/06 9:11 AM Page 51 B. 1. Calculators are on sale at a price of $1,000 for 20. How many can be purchased for $1,250? Write and solve a proportion that represents the problem.

Multiple Choice Ayanna is making a circular spinner to be used at the school carnival. She wants the spinner to be divided so that 30% of the area is blue, 20% is red, 15% is green, and 35% is yellow. Choose the spinner that fits the description. A. B. C. D. qxd 5/18/06 9:11 AM Page 58 20. Hannah is making her own circular spinner. She makes the ratio of green to yellow 2i1, the ratio of red to yellow 3i1, and the ratio of blue to green 2i1. Make a sketch of her spinner. 21. a. Plot the points (8, 6), (8, 22), and (24, 14) on grid paper.

D. Explain one advantage of each method (the graph, the table, and the equation) to express the relationship between milk and cheddar cheese production. qxd 5/18/06 9:06 AM Page 42 10. A dairy manager says it takes 70 pounds of milk to make 10 pounds of cottage cheese. a. Make a rate table for the amount of milk needed to make 10, 20, . . , and 100 pounds of cottage cheese. b. Make a graph showing the relationship between pounds of milk and pounds of cottage cheese. First, decide which variable should go on each axis.

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