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By Zdzislaw Alexander Melzak

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We shall consider an unobvious generalization. First, as usual before a generalization, our isoperimetric problem of the circle will be restated. , the smallest convex GEOMETRY 24 region contammg C. Next, we recall the simultaneous length-and-area bisection property. Now we rephrase our isoperimetric problem of the circle thus: to find a plane rectifiable arc C1 of fixed length ( = L/2) whose convex hull C 1 has largest possible area. The answer is, as was shown, a semicircle. By this time our intended generalization might be guessed: to find a rectifiable space arc C1 of fixed length, which maximizes the volume of the convex hull cl.

II) Let the roots of the quadratic equation in r nr 2 be r 1 and r 2 , with r 1 ~ r2 ; l(C)r - + A(C) = 0 then by (I I) we must have r1 ~ r(C) ~ R(C) ~ r2 so that R(C)- r(C) ~ r 2 - r1 = [P(C)- 4nA(C)P 12 n- 1 and squaring this we get the Bonnesen inequality (5). For general references to integral geometry, see (6], [12], and [65]. 12. CONVEXITY We shall limit ourselves to some few very simple and special remarks on this subject, and to one problem. The definition of a convex set S is simple: together with any two points S also contains the straight segment joining them.

Let o be the origin of the Cartesian xy-system in Figure 1a; we suppose that Cis tangent to the x-axis at o. Let P(x, y) be a point on C and let s be the arc-length of C from o to P. Let Q have coordinates (a, b), let the X-axis be tangent to C at P and let the Y-axis be the distances from P. Then the roulette C1 traced out by Q is obtained as the trajectory of Q in the XY-system. )+=(y=---b_)y_" Jl + y'2 Ji + y'2 ' y y X (a) (b) FIGURE 1. Roulettes. 10. ROULETTES AND PEDALS if Cis given by the equation y = y(t), then 35 y(x).

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