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By Bernd Sturmfels, Ezra Miller

Fresh advancements are lined includes over a hundred figures and 250 workouts contains whole proofs

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For any graded ideal I, any term order, and any d ≥ 0, the number of minimal generators of in(I) in degree d cannot be smaller than the number of minimal generators of I in degree d, because every Gr¨ obner basis for I contains a minimal generating set. Therefore, replacing I with gin(I), we need only compare L to Borel-fixed ideals B. In the previous proof, we derived the inequalities |{x1 , . . , xn } · Ld | ≤ |{x1 , . . , xn } · Bd | ≤ |Bd+1 | = |Ld+1 |. The number of minimal generators of L in degree d + 1 is the difference |Ld+1 |−|{x1 , .

3) In the next lemma, we consider sets of monomials all having equal degree d. 25 Let L be a lex segment in Sd and B a Borel set in Sd . If |L| ≤ |B| then µ≤i (L) ≤ µ≤i (B) for all i. Proof. The prove is by induction on n. We distinguish three cases according to the value of i. If i = n then the asserted inequality is obvious: µ≤n (L) = |L| ≤ |B| = µ≤n (B). Suppose now that i = n − 1. Partition the Borel set B by powers of xn : B = B[0] ∪ xn · B[1] ∪ x2n · B[2] ∪ · · · ∪ xdn · B[d] . Then B[i] is a Borel set in k[x1 , .

3 to monomials m = xb−τ for squarefree vectors τ , we find that K b (I) is shifted. Hence CHAPTER 2. 15 that dim k H i (K b (I); k) equals the number of dimension i facets τ ∈ ∆ such that τ ∪ k is not a face of K b (I). But every size i + 1 subset τ from the previous paragraph is a facet of ∆, and τ ∪ k is not in K b (I), both because xb−τ = mi is a minimal generator of I. Therefore βi,b (M ) ≥ βi,b (in(M )), and the proof is complete. 18 and its proof with two nontrivial examples. 19 Let n = 4 and r = 7, and consider the following ideal: x1 x2 x44 , x1 x2 x3 x24 , x3 e 1 x2 e 1 x1 e 1 x1 x63 , x1 x2 x23 , x62 , −x24 e2 x1 x22 , −x44 e6 −x24 x3 e 2 x2 e 2 x1 e 2 x2 e 3 x1 e 3 −x43 e4 −x3 x24 e6 e4 −x23 x2 e 4 x1 e 4 x1 e 5 x21 .

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