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By Philip Wilkinson

The Bible's first five books are the Jewish Torah. The 4 gospels are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Christ was once born in Bethleham. Christians think that Jesus was once God's son. Jesus' ministry lasted three years. Jesus used parables to educate. He used to be sentenced to loss of life at the move, hence giving his fans everlasting existence. The 3rd day he rose from the lifeless. His fans endured to evangelise. The Bible consists of over 60 books written over centuries. the hot testomony bargains with Jesus and his fans. it's been translated into sleek languages. clergymen translated it into Latin. Heaven is the present of everlasting lifestyles, whereas Hell is everlasting torment. Catholics are anticipated to visit Mass each Sunday. it really is led by means of the Pope. the present Pope is Benedict XVI. The heirarchy of clergy are archbishops, bishops and clergymen. Martin Luther challenged a corrupt Catholic church within the fifteenth century. Protestant church buildings baptize those people who are of age. priests and nuns take vows of celebacy and/or poverty. The communion is critical. Baptism enters one into the church. affirmation confirms their religion. Marriage is a pair united within the church. Funerals are while an individual dies.

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Their millennium plate bears a picture of an angel, a reminder that the year 2000 was, above all, a Christian event – the 2,000th anniversary of Jesus’ birth. 47 The priesthood Mitre shows that the wearer is an abbot Early-20thcentury silver crozier, carried only by higher members of the clergy PRIESTS, AND ministers – their equal in many Protestant churches, provide spiritual teaching, celebrate the sacraments, and play the leading HOLY LEADERS role in rituals and worship. They This ancient ivory chesspiece also care for people in their parish, shows a bishop – a senior Catholic, or area, for example by visiting Orthodox, the sick and caring for those or Anglican clergyman who with special needs.

In the early-16th century three men – Martin Luther from Germany, Ulrich Zwingli from Switzerland, and John Calvin from France – spearheaded the reform of the church across Europe. In the movement now known as the Reformation, they and their followers founded new, Protestant churches. These churches rejected the control of the pope and bishops and stressed the importance of the Bible and preaching God’s word. CHURCH ABUSES Reformers objected to several practices in the Catholic church. One of the most widespread abuses of the church was the use of indulgences – the payment of money instead of doing penance for sins.

PRAYING THE ROSARY Catholics use rosaries as an aid to prayer. Three different prayers – the Hail Mary, the Our Father or Lord’s Prayer, and the Glory to the Father – are repeated as the person meditates on the key stages of the Christian story. The rosary beads are used to count the prayers. Rosary with medals showing saints for contemplation Jesus raising his hand in blessing Depiction of the Annunciation 14th-century designs for mitres 14th-century French mitre showing the coronation of the Virgin Mary being crowned 30 PRIESTLY JEWELS This chain was worn by a priest in 15th-century Italy.

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