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By Livia Kohn

Daoyin, the conventional chinese language perform of guiding the qi and stretching the physique is the forerunner of Qigong, the trendy type of workout that has swept via China and is making expanding inroads within the West. Like different Asian physique practices, Daoyin specializes in the physique because the major automobile of attainment; sees overall healthiness and religious transformation as one continuum resulting in perfection or self-realization; and works intensely and consciously with the breath and with the wide awake guiding of inner energies.

This publication explores different sorts of Daoyin in ancient series, starting with the early clinical manuscripts of the Han dynasty, then stepping into its spiritual edition in optimum readability Daoism. After analyzing the medieval Daoyin Scripture and methods of integrating the perform into Tang Daoist immortality, the paintings outlines overdue imperial kinds and describes the transformation of the perform within the smooth world.

providing a wealthy crop of particular routines including old context and comparative insights, chinese language therapeutic workouts is efficacious for either experts and basic readers. It presents historic intensity and opens concrete information of a major yet as but little-known overall healthiness perform.

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It may also indicate the hope that the young man, 4. For studies of tomb contracts and otherworld bureaucrats, see Seidel 1985, Dien 1995, Hansen 1995. 36 Chinese Healing Exercises taken from his activities earlier than expected, might continue to pursue life-­ enhancing and healing practices in his more spiritual state. The Exercise Chart The medical manuscripts from Mawangdui provide the oldest extant Chinese instructions of how to regulate life to one’s best advantage and how exactly to ensure health and vitality.

Most have their hair either tied up in various kinds of knots or wear a cap, again representing Han standard. The majority of figures appear in standing poses, but four are kneeling or sitting—and all of these have surviving captions. One is sitting on the floor while hugging his knees into the chest “to alleviate ham pain” (#39); another is kneeling “to relieve knee discomfort” (#23). Two others are in awkward-looking positions with knees slightly bent and arms extended—one “to stretch the neck” (#29), the Early Medical Manuscripts 37 other “to enhance qi-flow in the eight extraordinary channels” (#37).

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