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By David Kerr (eds.)

China's new chief Xi Jinping has introduced that the China Dream of significant rejuvenation of the chinese language state is now nearer than ever. This e-book discusses the that means and growth of chinese language nationwide rejuvenation from a number of views. It discusses significantly China's growth in the direction of changing into a robust, wealthy and well-governed country.

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Since the technocrats cannot count on the military to repress popular unrests in the way that Deng could, they have less scope to ignore public opinions. 38 This does not spell the end of privileges or relevance of family background. The so called Princelings ‘faction’ – or, the grouping of senior cadres who are descendants of leaders of the revolution – has flourished and clearly benefited from this new emphasis. How should this apparent contradiction be explained? It is because merit in the consultative Leninist system requires one to have political astuteness and a capacity to network effectively in the establishment in order to deliver results.

Most agree that there is now a more open and decontrolled space in Chinese society that has resulted primarily from three changes: (i) the expansion of market relations and the relaxation of controls on social exchanges more generally; (ii) the widening social awareness of citizens as facilitated by rising educational levels, diversified social roles, and new media that allow understanding of change across China and internationally; (iii) the state’s willingness to allow the expansion of social exchanges and rising public awareness provided these changes do not generate challenges to the fundamental parameters of socialism as a political-ideological system.

By transforming the political system into consultative Leninism, the Party has built the most powerful and resilient authoritarian system dedicated to keeping itself in power. As long as the central leadership stays united and determined to nip all challenges in the bud, it should be able to perpetuate its hold on power. Consultative Leninism has now been adopted by Xi Jinping as the basis to build the ‘China dream’ as he defines it. While its capacity should not be underestimated, there is a question over how sustainable this will prove over the long term.

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