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By Douglas Kennedy

'How we chase Mammon defines us. simply because, love it or now not, we're what we earn,' CHASING MAMMON is the 1st shuttle ebook ever written in regards to the makes use of of cash and the attitudes of the wheelers and purchasers within the foreign market. Douglas Kennedy spent a yr loitering with cause in six very disparate monetary nation-states, together with the Casablanca bourse (where shares and bonds are indexed on a blackboard), the squeaky-clean Singapore cash markets, the Sydney futures industry and the 1st Hungarian inventory trade to open considering the fact that 1948. From the 'New Age' urban folks in London, not sure no matter if greed quite is nice for you, to the tireless toilers of Wall highway, Knnedy's encounters with money-makers around the world make for a thrilling and quirkily unique trip throughout the sleek funds nexus.

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While tethered to my desk, I also wrote about subsidiary aspects of my travels for a variety of newspapers and magazines. Hats off, therefore, to the following editors and publications: Christine Walker at the Sunday Times; Dylan Jones at Arena; Will Ellsworth Jones at the Independent Magazine; and Susan Jeffreys at the late, lamented Listener. Parts of Chapter 7 first appeared (in a very different form) in GQ. Alexandra Shulman and the late Michael VerMeulen allowed me to audition two sections of this manuscript before they appeared between hard covers.

Heinemann & Co. were located in a pre-Depression skyscraper within easy jumping distance of the New York Stock Exchange. To walk into this building was to enter a still-potent symbol of 1920s American financial arrogance. Back then, an office building wasn’t designed to be a high-rise concrete fortress with functional ergonomics. Instead, it was conceived as an exuberantly opulent testament to the making of money. This building’s foyer certainly scored points in the opulence stakes – marble floors, gothic arches, carved figurines adorning the walls, gilded doors leading into lifts that were a reflecting chamber of black-on-silver Deco mirrors.

When I look for some sort of conceptual linkage to explain this series of career glitches … you know what I come up with? ’ I said that failing an introductory course surely didn’t have to mean an end to his career in science. ‘I blew a theoretical math course the next semester as well,’ he said. ‘And with two Fs on my transcript, there was no way I’d ever get accepted at a graduate school for a master’s or doctorate in chemistry. Which meant there was also no way I’d ever get a chemistry-related job.

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