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By William A. Schoneberger

A accomplished heritage of California aviation starting in San Francisco with Frederick Marriotts Aviator Hermes, Jr., Americas first profitable dirigible. California has loved a colourful and wealthy aviation historical past courting again to the times of 1849 whilst Rufus Porter constructed a scheme to take frightened argonauts to the gold fields from manhattan in 3 days through a cigar formed aerial locomotive. in response to writer William A. Schoneberger, the Golden kingdom has contributed extra to aviation heritage than might be the other zone of the realm as a result of its favorable weather, enterprising humans, and openness to new principles. Many aviation firsts came about in California equivalent to the 1st airship flight (1869), first glider (1883), and primary overseas aviation meet (1910) to call quite a few. besides, the kingdom has been blessed with greater than its percentage of aerial heroes together with John Joseph Montgomery, Glenn Martin, Glenn Curtiss, Donald Douglas, Lawrence Bell, Jack Northrop, Charles Lindbergh, Cal Rodgers, Wiley put up, Amelia Earhart, Pancho Barnes, Jackie Cochran and Chuck Yeager. All have been associated in a single approach or the opposite with California.

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Looking for a place to do his cloak-and-dagger work, Johnson created a space next to a wind tunnel, using Wright engine the section headed AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURERS packing-boxes for walls and a rented circus tent for a roof. As the project took shape, curiosity mounted. Someone wondered aloud what Johnson was "brewing up" in there, and soon some wit compared Johnson's operation with the foul-smelling location in Al Capp's "Li'l Abner" comic strip where Kick- A-Poo Joy Juice was brewed, the Dog Patch Skunk Works.

Smith in 1928 formed Emsco Aero Engine Company to build a 1,000-horsepower diesel 44 airplane engine and in 1929 purchased Zenith become a pacesetting producer of record-breaking aircraft and introduced the trimotor Challenger, the two-passenger, opencockpit Cirrus, and the B-3 monoplane. Aircraft to One company created in California whose name remained in the forefront of light airplane manufacturers was Stearman Aircraft Company. Stearman joined Fred Hoyt to form a company in Venice. Stearman's C-l, -2, and -3 were each designed, produced, and eventually test flown at Clover Field, Santa Monica.

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