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By Moya McCloskey

This booklet and CD pack is the 1st mutimedia variety product aimed toward instructing easy information to company scholars. The CD presents laptop dependent tutorials and customizable functional fabric. The ebook acts as a research advisor, permitting the scholar to envision earlier studying. The software program is Windows-based and generates information and responses in line with the student's enter.

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5 *Government office region. For statistical comparisons and administrative purposes the United Kingdom was divided up into 13 regions. Before 1998 they were known as standard statistical regions, but with the reorganization of local authorities in 1998 some changes were introduced. As a result there are some slight differences between the standard statistical regions and the government office regions. The mean gross weekly earnings among full-time male workers over the 13 regions are Calculation of the sample variance by the direct way of forming the differences, xt - x, squaring them, (xf - x)2, and then summing gives Location and variability in quantitative variables 27 The information would be summarized by saying that the mean gross average weekly earnings among males in full-time employment over the 13 regions is £374 with a standard deviation of £46.

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