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By Mike Goodall

For the first actual time, the heritage of British pre-World conflict I airplane has been accrued jointly in a single quantity, with greater than 900 of them good illustrated. This new publication constitutes a most useful contribution a few striking interval in aviation historical past and is a memorial to the bravery and inventiveness of the intrepid pioneers of that faraway period. one of several recognized manufacturer's lined are Avro, Sopwith, Shorts, and Bristol. Many lesser recognized designers and developers comparable to Martin-Handasyde and Howard Wright also are given abundant assurance.

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The sec­ ond was a redesign by Gabriel Voisin, with reduced gap and front booms and elevator removed and with single rudder and tailplane. It was at Larkhill in February 1912 in this form, but was rebuilt as a standard school biplane. 8 and 16) 60hp Renault seven-cylinder water-cooled vee. 31, 32, 42, 60, 79 and 139) Bristol Voisin monoplane of 1910-1911 was the sole example. BRISTOL BOXKITE biplane Bristol took the easy way to establish itself, after the failure of the Zodiac, by copying, with some improvements in both de­ sign and workmanship, the Farman pusher biplane.

E. M. Bonehill These partners built a Chanute type glider in August 1910, which was wrecked at the same time as Haddon 1 on 26 Au­ gust 1911. F. Hill Designed a monoplane glider which was built by the Belmont Aeroplane Co. in 1911. Later converted to a hydroplane with a small engine. N. Stamps Completed a Bleriot type monoplane glider in December 1913. Span 30ft Chord 7ft Area 210 sq ft Length 20ft Club glider Built from the remains of Haddon 2 and Trykle gliders after they were wrecked in November 1912.

Helens in 1905 by Dr. Barton, his son Dudley and Rawson with the intention of being powered. Owing to the lack of a light-weight engine, it was tested by towing behind a launch, but was wrecked in the course of these trials on 26 September 1905. Power: (proposed) 35hp engine driving a 7ft diameter propeller. Data Span 34ft Area 1,200 sq ft Length 36ft Height 9ft Twin floats 20ft long 20in wide 4in deep Weight unpowered 240 lb BASTIN ornithopter (T. Hugh Bastin, Clapham, London, SW) Little is known of this machine, built between 1900 and 1902, except that it had four wings of 25ft span and was 50ft long.

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