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By Geoffrey R. Norman, PhD, David Streiner

McMaster Univ., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Reprint of the 1994 Decker unique. deals a witty, synopsis of biostatistics for the nonspecialist; i.e., a doctor or researcher with out heritage in records. comprises brief reasons of the way to run particular capabilities utilizing SPSS/PC, BMDP, and Minitab software program.

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Pg. Pa. Peg. 2567). The following theorem [proofs of which can be found in Boland et al (2002, 2003b, 2004)] summarizes many of the known stochastic order comparisons between the random variables X and Y. =i Bin{l,pi) and Y ~ Bin{n,p). 1' X >st {hr {^(i) (mn { Pea = Pa) 5. X >sp { Peg) >ir { Peg) {P>Psp)' {p > Peh) p. J. Boland and H. 4 Graphical Insight for Two-Dimensional Stochastic Comparisons Some interesting perspectives on stochastic comparisons for X and Y can be made in two dimensions by visualizing various contour plots.

Journal of Applied Probability, 31, 1004-1014. Stopped Compound Poisson Process and Related Distributions Claude Lefevre Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Bruxelles, Belgium Abstract: This chapter considers the first-crossing problem of a compound Poisson process with positive integer-valued jumps in a nondecreasing lower boundary. The cases where the boundary is a given linear function, a standard renewal process, or an arbitrary deterministic function are successively examined. Our interest is focused on the exact distribution of the first-crossing level (or time) of the compound Poisson process.

Joe), Intemat. ScL, 9, 179-189. J. Math. Stat. 152. Some skewed multivariate distributions (with R. J. Beaver), American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences^ 20, 27-38. 153. The skew-Cauchy distribution (with R. J. Beaver), Statistics & Probability Letters, 49, 285-290. 154. A parametric regression model for possibly censored lifetime data (with M. Cantii-Sifuentes and J. A. Villasenor-Alva), Agrociencia, 34, 453-465. 155. Multiple modes in densities with normal conditonals (with E.

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