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By N.L. Dobretsov, N.A. Kolchanov, V.V. Suslov (auth.), Nikolay Dobretsov, Nikolay Kolchanov, Alexey Rozanov, Georgy Zavarzin (eds.)

Modern ordinary technology indicates that the infancy of lifestyles in the world skilled prebiotic evolution and integrated the emergence of primitive self-reproducing biologic varieties and their structures. the following coevolution of inorganic surroundings and biologic structures ended in international propagation of lifestyles over the Earth and its huge, immense diversification. different dwelling organisms colonized the land, water, and surroundings, in addition to top layers of the lithosphere, thereby forming the biosphere.

The ebook covers notions by way of scientists of assorted branches at the evolutionary dating among the biosphere and geosphere, evolution gains at numerous degrees of dwelling subject association, and difficulties of prebiotic evolution and existence beginning. the knowledge have been gathered throughout the RAS software "Biosphere foundation and evolution" (subprogram II) in 2003–2006. The ambitions of this subprogram have been (1) generalization of knowledge concerning difficulties of biosphere foundation and evolution gathered by means of geneticists, molecular biologists, zoologists, botanists, paleontologists, microbiologists, geologists, chemists, and archaeologists; (2) look for new interdisciplinary ways to biosphere beginning and evolution; (3) improvement of a "lingua franca" comprehensible through specialists in a number of fields, which might permit apprehension of effects in regards to the subject got in allied sciences

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They possess some analogies to sexual reproduction: conjugation, transformation and transduction; but these are only triggered as backup processes in critical environmental situations, when all else fails (Prozorov, 2002). Therefore, the ‘‘sexual process’’ in the prokaryotes is only casually associated with reproduction, and, as far as the prokaryotes are concerned, there is no such thing as sexual reproduction in the sense it exists in the eukaryotes. By contrast, in most eukaryotes, reproduction is necessarily preceded by DNA fragment exchange in the form of a sexual process (Cavalier-Smith, 2002b) as the main mechanism for generating diversity.

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Two main sources of photochemical transformation should be considered: photochemical reactions of water vapor with production of hydroxyls and photochemical reactions of methane with possible production of various C-compounds. Could they serve as a source for organotrophic bacteria? , 2001). g. Schwartzman, 1999 and literature there). Calcium and magnesium carbonate deposits in conjunction with weathering and remnant clay minerals formation provide an evidence for the main route of mineral deposits evolution in sedimentary record.

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