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By Alan Scragg

Explores the construction of biofuels as possible choices to fossil fuels, targeting the technological concerns. This textbook considers every one kind of biofuel in creation, protecting the advantages and issues of creation and use and the potential of organic fabric to supply adequate strength for the world's population.

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The number of fuel cells in a stack determines the voltage and the surface of each cell determines the current. Proton exchange and solid oxide fuel cells are the most advanced and have been fitted into experimental cars. Two recent developments in fuel cell technology are the direct carbon fuel cell and the microbial fuel cell. In the direct carbon fuel cell, fine particles of carbon (10–1000 nm) are mixed with molten lithium, sodium, or potassium carbonate at 700–800°C (Cooper, 2006). The molten salt is introduced into the anode compartment and air to the cathode (Fig.

The gas is produced naturally by the denitrification of nitrate by microbial activity in soil and sea. 4. The addition of nitrogen-based fertilizer to soils increases the rate of denitrification. 5). 4. Sources of nitrous oxide N2O. 5. Sources and sinks for methane. ) Source Natural Wetlands Rice paddies Ruminants Biomass burning Termites Oceans Freshwaters Anthropogenic Gas drilling, venting Coal mining Hydrate distillation Total Removal Soil Reaction with hydroxyl in atmosphere Consequences of Burning Fossil Fuel Methane Mt/year 115 110 80 40 40 10 5 45 40 5 490 30 ~500 25 over 200 times lower than carbon dioxide, it is 21 times more effective at adsorbing infrared radiation than carbon dioxide.

6. A global moratorium on building new coal-fired power stations. 7. Creation of global incentives for developing countries that are moving to adopt non-fossil-fuel industrial pathways. Hoffert et al. (2002) stated: ‘[S]tabilizing climate is not easy. At the very least, it requires political will, targeted research and development and international cooperation. ’ All the above measures are a mechanism to implement the following measures which can be used to reduce global warming. These are simply: 1.

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