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By G. Howie

Among Feminism and Materialism is a daring try and make feel of the connection among feminist conception and capitalism. Addressing a couple of philosophical difficulties that experience engaged feminists over the past few decades--universals and cause, nature and essentialism, id and non-identity, intercourse and gender, strength and patriarchy, neighborhood and global--this leading edge publication breaks via feminist waves and explains the paradoxes of feminist concept by means of demonstrating the on-going relevance of dialectics and the suggestions of exploitation, ideology, and reification. Drawing on first, moment, and 3rd "waves" of feminist idea, this interesting blend of existentialism, phenomenology, and significant thought promises a proactive feminism able to reply to the demanding situations awarded by means of our completely sleek instances.

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Second, exchange-value—through its abstraction of labor—places qualitatively distinct commodities in a ratio. By abstracting from usevalue we can compare and exchange different goods, one for another. In fact, all exchange is mediated through one commodity: gold or its monetary equivalent. ”39 Third, we encountered abstraction in the wage-form. Obviously, workers receive wages in the form of money. This mediation helps to disguise the fact that the value of labor is equivalent to that consumed by the worker and his/her family, but this, too, is an abstraction.

The apparently simple predication of value, according to Marx, disguises an important social fact. 33 Given that the value of any commodity is only the sum of past and present labor, measured in units of time socially necessary to the production of the object, an explanation has to be offered for the difference in magnitudes, and for the apparent generation of extra values. Marx contends that the value of past labor (machinery, materials) is simply transferred to the new commodity, which would only leave present labor capable of adding value, that is, current labor produces values additional to the value of “dead” labor in the system of production.

62 According to Scott, underlying Hartmann’s dual-systems approach lies a more monocausal analysis: economic causality takes precedence so that patriarchy develops and changes as a function of relations of production. In one of the most well-known articles comparing Marxism with feminism, dual-systems theorist Catharine MacKinnon drafts out a systematic typology of the distribution of power that allows us to read across from one to the other. ” Within Marxism, she claims, work has class as its structure, production as its consequence, capital as its congealed form, and its main concern is control.

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