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By Deirdre Kelly

All through her heritage, the ballerina has been perceived because the embodiment of attractiveness and perfection— the female perfect. however the fact is one other tale. From the earliest ballerinas within the seventeenth century, who usually led double lives as concubines, throughout the poverty of the corps de ballet dancers within the 1800’s and the anorexic and bulimic ballerinas of George Balanchine, hunger and exploitation have plagued ballerinas all through history.

Using the tales of serious dancers similar to Anna Pavlova, Isadora Duncan, Suzanne Farrell, Gelsey Kirkland, and Evelyn Hart, Deirdre Kelly exposes the real rigors for ladies in ballet. She rounds her critique with examples of the way the area of ballet is slowly evolving for the higher. yet to make sure that this such a lot sleek of dance types survives into the longer term, she says that the time has come to reconsider ballet, to place the ballerina at its heart and accord her the honour she deserves.

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