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By Marilyn Friedman

Girls have traditionally been avoided from dwelling autonomously through systematic injustice, subordination, and oppression. The lingering results of those practices have triggered many feminists to view autonomy with suspicion. right here, Marilyn Friedman defends the perfect of feminist autonomy. In her eyes, habit is self sufficient if it accords with the wishes, cares, values, or commitments that the actor has reaffirmed and is ready to maintain within the face of competition. by means of her account, autonomy is socially grounded but additionally individualizing and infrequently socially disruptive, traits that may be eventually useful for ladies. Friedman applies the concept that of autonomy to domain names of distinctive curiosity to ladies. She defends the significance of autonomy in romantic love, considers how social associations may still reply to ladies who decide to stay in abusive relationships, and argues that liberal societies should still tolerate minority cultural practices that violate women's rights as long as the ladies in query have selected autonomously to stay in keeping with these practices.

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If she acts in a social environment that obstructs her choices or actions, then her actions would only reflect who she is if she were able to persist in her self-reflective behaviors in the face of some minimum of obstacles such as resistance by others. ” It is indeed a significant threshold for someone with a stable array of deep and persistent concerns to become capable of reflectively reaffirming her deeper concerns and to behave in ways that accord with those concerns partly A CONCEPTION OF AUTONOMY 21 because of those reflections.

A CONCEPTION OF AUTONOMY 23 Note that this dispute is not about the reliability of expressed preferences. Both content-neutral and substantive accounts of autonomy are able to take up the same stance toward someone’s expressed preferences. Both approaches can warrant treating expressed preferences provisionally as revealing someone’s genuine preferences but only so long as no evidence suggests they are insincere, coerced, or otherwise not her genuine preferences. The issue I have been discussing, however, has to do with how others should respond to someone once the question has been settled of just what her genuine preferences are.

Autonomy further individuates us. Thus, the capacity for self-determination depends on the nature of selves, the character and perspective of any particular self in question, and on the circumstances in which she has matured and now finds herself. These are not independent sets of conditions. The character and perspective of any particular self is itself a product of the circumstances under which a separately embodied human infant has developed into a person with a selfhood more or less distinct from other persons, other selves, around her.

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