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By Yefim Gordon, Dmitriy Komissarov

First flown on December sixteen, 1957, the An-12 used to be a by-product of the An-10 medium-haul airliner and had a greater destiny than its predecessor, nearly turning into as profitable because the Hercules. The An-12 used to be in-built huge numbers and with a number of really good models to fill a large number of roles. This rugged airlifter has proved its worthy either in strive against and in advertisement operations through the global. The An-12 remains to be utilized by the Russian Air strength and diverse airways either in and outdoors the previous Soviet bloc to at the present time. notwithstanding lengthy out of creation in its domestic kingdom, the An-12 lives on in China because the Shaanxi Y8. This ebook covers every one recognized model and offers an in depth account of the An-12s complete carrier occupation.

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4 • Flap, aileron, k ~ nacelle \\\~contact Fig. 11 Pitch and roll limitation diagram. ~ 2 m 0 0 m i 2 4 Aircraft t. / I1. :. , m z..... J ~F--. IF- T¢: 41 I el 42 AIRCRAFT LANDING GEAR DESIGN The following checks are suggested: I) Are the nose and main gear shock struts operating properly and the tires at normal inflation? 2) Is the nose gear shock strut fully compressed and the tire flat? Is the main gear shock strut fully compressed and the tire flat on one side, with static deflection and normal tire inflation on the other side?

During taxi tests, the normal and emergency brake systems are evaluated along with the skid control and steering system. Stop distances are compared with predictions and the aircraft is maneuvered to examine steering and damping with normal and emergency systems. Shimmy tests are also conducted. Demonstrations are conducted to show how towing, jacking, and mooring requirements have been met and, then, with the aircraft on jacks, a thorough 24 AIRCRAFT LANDING GEAR DESIGN inspection is made again of the landing gear and its proper functioning before first flight.

The report that accompanies these drawings shall indicate tire sizes, tire inflation pressures, design sink speeds, total air volume, and isothermal pressure in the extended, static, and compressed shock absorber positions at maximum takeoff gross weight, as well as the preliminary loads imposed upon the landing gear (USN). The shock strut efficiency obtained during the drop test shall not be less than 75% using the following formula: Efficiency, % - A LxS where A is the energy absorbed by the strut during its stroke (obtained by integrating the area beneath the strut Ioadstroke curve), L the maximum load (in pounds) obtained during the stroke, and S the maximum stroke obtained during the test (USAF/USN).

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