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By Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz at paintings КНИГИ ;ФОТО-ВИДЕО Автор:Annie Leibovitz Название:Annie Leibovitz at WorkИздательство:Random HouseГод:2008Формат:PDFРазмер:118 MbДля сайта: www.mirknig.comАнна Лейбовиц рассказывает, как были сделаны ее фотографии, начиная с отставки Ричарда Никсона, история, которую она покрывала вместе с Хантером Томпсоном, и заканчивая кампанией Обамы. В промежутке - Тур Rolling Stones, Джон Леннон и Йоко Оно, Дэми Мур, Вупи Голдберг, Братья Блюз, Арнольд Шварцнегер, Кит Харлинг, Михаил Барышников, Пэтти Смит, Джордж У. Буш, Уильям С. Бурроуз, Кейт Мосс и Королева Елизавета. Самый знаменитый фотограф нашего времени обсуждает портретную живопись, репортаж, фэшн фотографию, освещение, и цифровые камеры. fifty one

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And whether we are talking about Walter Benjamin, Christopher Caudwell,4 or Jean-Paul Sartre, shared observations can be found in this literature about the relationship of modern art, as it developed in the nineteenth century, to consumer capitalism. This argument, briefly and unfortunately crudely summarized, runs as follows. The social structure imposed by advanced industrial capitalism acts to transform the relationship between men and men into the kind of proprietary transaction that obtains between men and things.

The consistent horizontality is called upon to maintain a symbolic continuum of litter, workbench, and dataingesting mind. Perhaps Rauschenberg’s profoundest symbolic gesture came in 1955 when he seized his own bed, smeared paint on its pillow and quilt coverlet, and uprighted it against the wall. There, in the vertical posture of “art,” it continues to work in the imagination as the eternal companion of our other resource, our horizontality, the flat bedding in which we do our begetting, conceiving, and dreaming.

The texture of the fine print translates into the broken light of an atmospheric tone, so that it is caught up in the process of rendering the transparency of glass. Its real shape as paper fragment translates into the shape of the object it coincides with, so that it becomes the medium by which the image is drawn. And in every sense there is an absolute tension between the physical irritant of the collage piece and the totally aphysical nature of the image per se. Although in both Schwitters’s and Dubuffet’s Pablo Picasso, Bowl with Fruit, Violin, and Wineglass, begun after December 2, 1912; completed after January 21, 1913.

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