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By Antero Alli, Robert Anton Wilson

Angel Tech is a consultant for the conclusion of the Multidimensional Self. the nice neurological scripts of the previous are synthesized and modernized for our day: Tarot, Cabala, Alchemy, the Hindu Chakra procedure and extra are all made available and comprehensible.

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Maybe distant Uncle Violence will show up with a grab-bag of games for the children to play with? THE MECHANICS OF SURVIVAL KARMA MECHANICS is a course of study best suited for self-realizing robots. The sooner we come to accept our mechanical, robotic self, the sooner we can find the "mold" and break free. By confessing our "conditioned" robothood, we begin self-realizing as robots, in order to evolve into the humanity we are in essence. This starts when our "true feelings" become more rewarding than our conditioned responses.

KM: Not a hell of a lot right away, Chip. You see, it wasn't enough to realize my robothood. Once I knew that, well, you can just imagine the rest. Most of the people I considered friends were also robots, including my lover at the time. I mean, now I believe we're all robots but only a few of us know it. There was this one friend of mine though, who'll also remain anonymous for reasons of his own, who knew he was a robot. I never knew he knew until I knew I was one first. How could I? Anyway, we met and we both knew..

KM: I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and just knew it. What was it like? Well, initially. a shock. When my mirror image started looking back at me, the "real me" felt this sensation like the bottom falling out, if you know what I'm getting at. I felt hollow. It was disturbing and reassuring, simultaneously. I was mechanical and knowing this kind of fascinated me. I mean, I wasn't as attached anymore. How could I be? CD (nervous laughter): No, I suppose not.. fascinating indeed. Tell me, what did you do next?

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