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By Peter Forsyth, David Gillen, Jurgen Muller, Hans-Martin Niemeier

The break-up of BAA, the blocked takeover of Bratislava airport by way of the competing Vienna airport and the prohibited subsidy of Ryanair through Brussels South Charleroi Airport have introduced the problem of airport pageant to the head of the schedule for air shipping coverage in Europe. "Airport festival" reports the present nation of the talk and asks no matter if airport festival is robust sufficient to successfully restrict marketplace energy. It offers proof on how guests selected an airport, thereby changing its aggressive place, and on how airports compete in several areas and markets. The publication additionally discusses the most coverage implications of mergers and subsidies.

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This may appeal to price sensitive leisure travellers, but not to business passengers, who may also be keen to amass frequent flyer points on the national carrier. 1). A transfer to and from boat is also occasionally possible, for example at Venice Marco Polo Airport. For cargo, air to truck transfer is required for terminating and originating shipments (some of these trucks operate as feeder ‘flights’). Although airports are built for air connections, surfaceto-surface transfers are also possible.

A year later, the  The UK CAA is now firmly opposed to any cross-subsidisation of Stansted by BAA’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports.  European Commission, N 638/98 Aerelba, Italy. Airport Competition 20 Commission’s competition authorities took the same view with regard to the Piedmont airports case. That case concerned the public investment in the Italian airports of Turin, Cuneo and Biella. , 2002, Annex A28). Government-Owned Airport Support for Airlines Air Belgium and Sunair New Route Support: Ostend International Airport The European Commission investigated in 1997 a complaint from the Belgium Tour Operators’ Association concerning the support provided by the Flemish Region (owner of Ostend Airport) and Air Belgium and its associated tour operator, Sunair.

Sometimes loss-making airports are combined with profitable ones in a state-owned airport holding company (for example, Aena Spanish airports). Cross-subsidies in such cases are usually applied so as not to favour any particular operator at the loss-making airport. However, they may distort competition between the latter and another in attracting airlines. An example of this was the low airport charges that London Stansted Airport was able to offer to new services in direct competition with London Luton Airport.

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