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For a wing with a rectangular planform, the chord equals the width of the wing. In practice, a wing usually has a chord varying along its span. Either the mean geometric chord b = b m equal to b m = Swll or the mean aerodynamic chord b = bA is taken as the characteristic dimension for such a wing. The mean aerodynamic chord is determined as the chord of the airfoil of an equivalent rectangular wing for which with an identical wing plan area the moment aerodynamic characteristics are approximately the same as of the given wing.

Basic I nformation from Aerodynamics 43 In the other two formulas, the corresponding symbols cYa and cZa are introduced. The relevant quantities are known as the aerodynamic lift coefficient and the aerodynamic side-force coefficient. 4) for the forces. Let us consider as an example 'such a relation for the pitching moment JVf z ". It is evident that the elementary value of this moment d}1f z a is determined by the sum of the moments about the axis Za of the forces acting on an area dS in a plane at right angles to the axis Za' If the coordinates of the area dS are Ya and X a , the elementary value of the moment is /\.

In these conditions, it is more cOIlvenient to assess the fligh t properties of a craft according to the aerodynamic centre location. To reveal the meaning of this concept, let us consider all asymmetrie airfoil and evaluate the moment J1zn about all arbiLrary po in t F ex ,vitll th e coordinate Xn OIl the ehord of the airfoil. I t follows from Fig. 5b that 50 Pt. I. Theory. 0 I\. 4 \ Fig. 17) where n1Z0 is the coeffieient of the moment about a point on the leading edge at c y = 0 (Fig. 6). 17) determines the increment of the moment associated with a change in the normal-force coefficient.

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