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By John Little

Real muscle--real speedy, not anything beats complex Max Contraction education!

"Groundbreaking. this can be really a massive discovery which can reason body structure books to be rewritten." -- Ironman magazine

"[John Little's] equipment . . . will lead to genuine, significant, and sustainable actual effects and may aid construct a self assurance on your personal skills that would permeate into all components of your life." --Anthony Robbins, top functionality trainer and writer of wake up the large inside

"This education process has began to stimulate our pondering in totally new directions." -- Muscle & health

"Don't be stunned should you see great leads to in basic terms 3 exercises! that is how reliable the program is." -- Muscular improvement

Get large in checklist time!

With Omega Set education you could achieve up to 18 kilos of lean, demanding muscle in as low as four weeks--without fad diets, vitamins, or anabolic medications. Taking bodybuilding pioneer John Little's Max Contraction education to an entire new point of depth, this science-based process is particularly engineered for complicated bodybuilders who call for effects measured in kilos and inches of natural muscle.

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Пройдя испытания в кабинетах физеотерапии, ролики из пены шагнули в фитнес залы. Наибольший восторг они вызвали у Описание: Пройдя испытания в кабинетах физиотерапии, ролики (цилиндры, полуцилиндры) из пены шагнули в фитнес залы. Наибольший восторг они вызвали у преподавателей и любителей пилатеса! С помощью этого нехитрого приспособления вы получаете дополнительные возможности для проработки корсетных мышц, повышения гибкости, снятия посттренировочного напряжения, восстановления после травмы.

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Responsible for producing mus- purpose, we’re faced with the next question: How quickly can such a benefit be produced? ■ cular growth, along with the fact that one set per exercise is all that is required for this What—if any—benefit could be produced How much muscle will be produced as a result of a single workout? ■ How long is the new muscle growth held by the body? How often should the stimulus be applied for optimal results? The answer to this ques- In an endeavor to find the answers to tion has typically been vague, primarily these questions, we recruited eleven because until very recently virtually no stud- advanced trainees to take part in a two-week ies have been conducted to furnish any study.

An efficient adaptive ability depends on adequate rest, balanced nutrition, and time. The degree of adaptive ability varies among individuals, but what does not vary is that one’s adaptive capacity does not increase in proportion to one’s strength. In other words, the stronger you become, the more resistance you can handle on each exercise; then, the greater the demands you make on your recovery ability, the easier it becomes to overtrain. An overtaxed adaptive capacity will be unable to provide sufficient biochemical sup- 16 PART 1 THE OBSTACLES port for the buildup of muscle tissue and for the loss of body fat caused by the higher metabolic rate that increased muscle mass creates.

If size were related to the amount of work, then the distance man would have the larger muscles. But Roux noticed that this was not the case. Let us look at it another way: The man who runs a mile in four minutes covers twenty-two feet per second, whereas the man who runs a hundred yards in ten seconds covers thirty feet per second. Twenty-two and thirty are the intensity factors, and these figures correlate with the observed muscle sizes. The thirty-feet-per-second man has larger muscles than the man covering twenty-two feet per second.

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