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By Velasco M. V. (Ed), Rodriguez-Palacios A. (Ed)

This quantity includes a suite of articles by way of top researchers in mathematical research. It presents the reader with an intensive evaluation of recent instructions and advances in subject matters for present and destiny study within the box.

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The nuclear maps are always compact and integral, and the composition of two integral maps is nuclear. , with a quotient map from an L1-space onto E ) be integral. The right semi-integral operators are precisely the familiar absolutely summing operators, generalized and studied in the 1960’s by Mityagin, Pelczynski and Pietsch, among others, to 24 the important class of absolutely p-summing operators (1 5 p < m). 3. III. T h e kernel theorem and nuclear spaces. , the continuous bilinear maps on D x came from a “distributional kernel”, that is, a distribution in two variables K ( x ,y) E D’(W” x Rm) such that for cp E D(Rn) and 1c, E D(Rm), a), T(cp)(G)= (cp(x)lC,(y),K ( x ,Y ) ) = (cp €3 $7 K) that could be written formally as J K ( x ,y ) c p ( z ) $ ~ ( yd)x d y .

Math. 38, 4 (2001), 389-408. 5. A. Defant and K. Floret, Tensor norms and Operator Ideals. North Holland, , Amsterdam, 1993. 6. J. Diestel, A survey of results related t o the Dunford-Pettis property. Proc. of the Conference on Integration, Topology and Geometry in Linear Spaces,. Contemp. Math. 2 (1980), 15-60. 7. J. Diestel, H. Jarchow and A. Tongue, Absolutely Summing Operators. Cambridge Univ. Press, 1995. 8. G1 A. Grothendieck, Produits tensoriels topologiques et espaces nucle'aires. Mem. Amer.

Sci. Paris 233 (1951)’ 839-841. (5) Sur une notion de produit tensoriel topologique d’espaces wectoriels topologiques, et une classe remarquable d’espaces wectoriels like d cette notion. C . R. cad. ci. Paris 233 (1951), 1556-1558. 35 (6) Critkres de compacite' duns les espacies fonctionnels ge'ne'raux. Amer. J. of Math. 74 (1952), 168-186. (7) Sur les applications line'aires faiblement compactes d'espaces du type C(K). Canadian J. Math. 5 (1953), 129-173. (8) Sur les espaces de solutions d'une classe ge'ne'rale d'e'quations aux de'rive'es partielles.

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