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By Christopher F. Baum

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Bui. 304. 1942. 20. Jessen, R. J. and E. E. Houseman. Statistical investigations of farm sample surveys taken in Iowa, Florida, and California. Iowa Agr. Exp. Sta. Res. Bui. 329. 1944. MATHEMATICS OF SAMPLING 45 21. Kenney, J. P. Mathematics of Statistics. D. Van Nostrand Co. 1943. 22. King, A. , D. E. McCarty, and Miles McPeek. An objective method of sampling wheat fields to estimate production and quality of wheat. U. S. Dept. of Agr. Tech. Bui. 814. 1942. 2J. Madow, L. H. Systematic sampling and its relation to other sampling designs.

Pr(l - pj] The Problem of Nonresponse Incomplete enumeration of the sample is a troublesome feature of many sur- veys. org/access_use#pd-google questionnaire; when surveys are conducted by the interview method, some individu- als cannot be located for questioning or refuse to answer the questions. Unless some correction is made for this incompleteness, the estimates based on the sur- vey may be seriously biased. The ideal solution of course would be to conduct the survey so well that no incompleteness would be present.

G. Sampling errors of systematic and random surveys of cover-type areas. Jour. Am. Stat. Assoc. 13: 256-264. 1942. 30. Stock, J. S. and L. R. Frankel. The allocation of samplings among several strata. Ann. Math. Stat. 10: 288-293- 1939- 31. Sukhatme, P. V. Contribution to the theory of the representative method. Jour. Roy. Stat. Soc. Suppl. 2: 253-268. 1935. 32. Sukhatme, P. V. The problem of plot size in large-scale surveys. Jour. Am. Stat. Assoc. 42: 297-310. 1947. 33. Tepping, B. , W. N. Hurwitz, and W.

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