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By Fa Hien, James Legge

A recording of the chinese language Buddhist monk's travels to carry Buddhist scriptures to India and Sri Lanka among 399 and 412AD.

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The chuh being pronounced, probably, in Fa-hien's time as tuk. How the earliest name for India, Shin-tuk or duk=Scinde, came to be changed into Thien-tuk, it would take too much space to explain. }). [6] Sraman may in English take the place of Sramana (Pali, Samana; in Chinese, Shaman), the name for Buddhist monks, as those who have separated themselves from (left) their families, and quieted their hearts from all intrusion of desire and lust. " E. , pp. 130, 131. [7] Tartar or Mongolian. [8] Woo-e has not been identified.

First and last, this was done three times, and then the image was completed, eighty cubits in height, and eight cubits at the base from knee to knee of the crossed legs. On fast-days it emits an effulgent light. The kings of the (surrounding) countries vie with one another in presenting offerings to it. [5] NOTES [1] Eitel and others identify this with Darada, the country of the ancient Dardae, the region near Dardus; lat. , lon. 73d 54s E. See E. H. p. 30. I am myself in more than doubt on the point.

417. [12] This was the second summer since the pilgrims left Ch'ang-gan. D. 400. [13] T'un-hwang (lat. ; lon. ) is still the name of one of the two districts constituting the department of Gan-se, the most western of the prefectures of Kan-suh; beyond the termination of the Great Wall. [14] Who this envoy was, and where he was going, we do not know. The text will not admit of any other translation. [15] Le Hao was a native of Lung-se, a man of learning, able and kindly in his government. He was appointed governor or prefect of T'un-hwang by the king of "the northern Leang," in 400; and there he sustained himself, becoming by and by "duke of western Leang," till he died in 417.

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