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By Susan Willis

What occurs whilst a Marxist feminist is going to the grocery store? Why is Michael Jackson the fundamental expression of commodity tradition? In A Primer for everyday life, Susan Willis places daily life and its artifacts on the middle of her research of capitalist tradition. Interrogating the which means of such daily goods as kid's toys, plastic packaging, banana sticky label emblems, and aerobics sessions, Willis investigates the phenomena of contemporary tradition and commodity fetishism. Grounded in Marxism and guided through feminism, A Primer for everyday life goals to expand the sphere of cultural feedback to include types and practices now not addressed by way of the media or media feedback. Willis demonstrates that the trivial is necessary for an figuring out of capitalist tradition and encourages the improvement of a serious viewpoint on everyday life.

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Vardaman’s introduction to commodities demonstrates another dimension of Faulkner’s understanding of their fundamental nature. Vardaman learns that one commodity can be readily substituted for another. ” Of course an electric train and a bunch of bananas have absolutely nothing in common except as commodities. How might we explain the substitution of one seemingly different commodity for another? The answer has to do with the relational nature of the two forms of value present in the commodity.

Of all the fruits marketed in today’s supermarkets, the banana is the least interesting. Always available and cheap, it is now taken for granted. ), the banana fails to stimulate such questions. First of all, while there are countless varieties of native bananas, distinguished by their taste, texture, and color, the North American palate has been trained to accept only one: the Lacatan. Plantains and small red bananas are sometimes marketed along with the more recognizable yellow variety. But these seem of a different class altogether.

We may well ask whether change under capitalism can even be conceptualized. Other societies have felt change, but do we? From our vantage-point in the late twentieth century, peasant society is perceived as boring and monotonous; yet this was a society deeply imbued by cyclical time. The meshing of production with the seasons meant that all life partook of the year’s four climatic changes. In industrial society we no longer live with the seasons, but against them, working to maintain the same level of productivity, the same types of activities, no matter what the date or season.

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