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By David Seddon

This reference quantity is the definitive consultant to the economics and politics of the center East. It presents transparent definitions detailing phrases, recommendations, names and enterprises utilized in relation to present fiscal or political beliefs within the heart East. Entries outline, clarify and provides extra suitable info on nations, areas, ethnic teams, political events, enterprises, regulations and disputes.

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A-Z 19 country; the drugs trade is substantial and many local interests (including farmers and merchants) are vested in it. Afghanistan is now again the world’s leading producer of opium and source of heroin. It is also a source of hashish. Some 80%–90% of the heroin consumed in Europe is derived from Afghan opium. Considerable value is thought to be involved in ‘money-laundering’, possibly through the hawala system. Agriculture is the largest sector, but Afghanistan has been affected by severe drought in recent years and decades of war have left the basic infrastructure in ruins.

In 1962 Algeria became independent, with a government under the control of the FLN. For the next 27 years, until 1989, the FLN was the only political party in Algeria. The February 1989 amendments to the Constitution permitted the formation of other political associations, with some restrictions; the right to establish political parties was not guaranteed by the Constitution until November 1996. This political ‘opening’ in the late 1980s, however, enabled several new groupings to contest elections.

He is related to Ali Allawi, Iraq’s defence minister. Allenby Bridge The bridge between Jordan and the Occupied Territory of the West Bank. Named after Gen. Allenby, a British general who headed the British High Command in Cairo during the First World War. Alliance nationale républicaine (ANR) Algerian political grouping, founded in 1995. An anti-Islamist party, it is led by Redha Malek. Allon, Yigal (1918–80) An Israeli statesman and military commander. Allon was a commander and one of the founders of the Palmah crack commando unit of the Haganah, leading decisive operations during the War of Independence.

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