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By Julian Granberry

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Greenberg (1960) assigned these languages to a GePanoan-Cariban phylum, unrealted to Macro-Chibcha~ or Andean-Equatorial, but no regular sound correspondences link them to either Ge or Cariban (Rodrigues 1985:397) and Key (1968) has shown a definite genetic relationship between Panoan and Tacana. Though largely limited to two regions - the Andean foothills and an area in northwestern Bolivia - with Brazilian Yanomama as a possible northeastern extension (Migliazza 1978, 1985:29), the Panoan tribes, while often farranging traders (the Shipibo, for example), seem not to have had any great migratory tendencies at any time in their history (Lathrap 1970:81).

Her data indicate that '5 ' is / piSika/ in Tacanan Cavinciia and Reyesano and / picika/ in Panoan Shipiho-Canibo (Key 1968:80,93, 104). We are perhaps in the presence of one of those unbiquitous pan-Amazonian forms, in this case itself proba bly borrowed from Quechua '5', piCka - all Tacanan-Panoan numerals above '3 ' seem to have come from that source (Key 1968). The fact, however, that a putative */ pVk-c-S

This, however, is the sole mention, so far as I am aware, of this Timucua-speaking group, and we cannot even make an intelligent guess regarding its identity or affiliations. Laudonniere and Le Moyne (Lorant 1946) refer to the Onatheaqua, located immediately to the east of the Aucilla River on the East/West Florida boundary, but there is no other mention of this group in the literature of the times. Onatheaqua does not have a Timucua ring to it. ). ' • TAWASA AOUA FAESCA ... •• FIG. I Timucua Political & Dialect Boundaries ca.

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