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By Zhenpeng Su

This thesis specializes in the development and alertness of an electron radiation belt kinetic version together with a variety of adiabatic and non-adiabatic strategies. The terrestrial radiation belt used to be chanced on over 50 years in the past and has obtained a resurgence of curiosity lately. the most drivers of radiation belt learn are the basic technological know-how questions surrounding its advanced and dramatic dynamics and especially its power risks posed to space-borne structures. The institution of physics-based radiation belt versions could be capable of determine the contributions of varied mechanisms, forecast the long run radiation belt evolution after which mitigate its hostile area climate effects.

Dr. Su is now an Professor works in division of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences, college of technological know-how and expertise of China, Hefei, China.

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2006). In a follow-on study, Shprits et al. (2009) presented some idealized simulations of stormtime electron radiation belt dynamics using VERB code including the pitch-angle and energy diffusion due to chorus, plasmaspheric hiss, plume hiss and EMIC waves, and radial diffusion due to magnetic field perturbations. Albert et al. (2009) simulated the outer radiation belt electrons dynamics during the 9 October 1990 magnetic storm using the three-dimensional modified Fokker-Planck equation including radial diffusion due to magnetic and electric field perturbations, and pitch-angle, energy and cross-pitch-angle-energy diffusion due to chorus wave-particle interactions.

11 Evolution of EMIC-driven electron flux j = p 2 f (arbitrary unit) in the (αe , E k ) space. The left and right panels correspond to the simulations with and without cross diffusion 34 2 Local Diffusion (a) (b) (c) Fig. 12 Electron flux profiles j = p 2 f at the selected time points. The solid and dashed lines represent the simulations with and without cross diffusion, which coincide with each other References 35 References Albert JM (1999) Analysis of quasi-linear diffusion coefficients. J Geophys Res 104:2429–2442.

J Geophys Res 114(A02):215. 1029/2008JA013826 Tao X, Bortnik J, Albert JM, Liu K, Thorne RM (2011a) Comparison of quasilinear diffusion coefficients for parallel propagating whistler mode waves with test particle simulations. Geophys Res Lett 380(L06):105. 1029/2011GL046787 Tao X, Thorne RM, Li W, Ni B, Meredith NP, Horne RB (2011b) Evolution of electron pitch angle distributions following injection from the plasma sheet. J Geophys Res 116(A4): A04,229 References 39 Thorne RM (2010) Radiation belt dynamics: the importance of wave-particle interactions.

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