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By Salvador Dali

Rare, very important quantity during which famed Surrealist expounds — in his inimitably eccentric model — on what portray will be, the historical past of portray, what's reliable and undesirable portray, the advantages of particular artists, and extra. contains his 50 "secrets" for getting to know the craft, together with "the mystery of the painter's pointed mustaches."

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1These tender beans, prepared in the manner called àla Catalane, are to be the second course of your meal, and I guarantee you that this is a dish worthy of the ancient gods and quite Homeric, for I am convinced that the Greeks of antiquity were acquainted with it and therefore that they were also familiar with chocolate—for, strange as this may seem, the tender beans à la Catalane are in fact prepared with chocolate as a base. Once you have finished your repast, which you will wash down with a light, very young wine—the kind that will prick your palate ever so gently—you may calculate that if you begin your “slumber without a key” and without a dish on that day at about half past one, when the sun is still beating down hard, you will not awaken before six o'clock, when the sun is already setting and you no longer have enough light to work, and so much the better.

It is Montaigne, here again, who enlightens us with a long list of anecdotes in which appear the names of the most illustrious emperors, philosophers and men of arms in history who had recourse to deep slumber before—and very often during—the most decisive moments of their lives. , etc. The sign “Poet at Work” which Saint Paul Roux used to put on the door of his room during his slumbers seems to me to express a much more tangible reality when applied to painters. For it is precisely in the case of the painter that before beginning his picture the stamping impatience of his conception seems materially to transform each of the bones of the phalanges of his hands into brush handles, and he seems to feel budding at their extremities the sable hairs which, as they grow, make the pink tips of his fingers prickle with anxiety, producing irresistible itches, in which it seems as if torrents of dormant deliria of exteriorization, confined since the beginnings of his atavisms, have suddenly awakened, and can no longer do otherwise than at last to break through this chrysalis-skin in order to people with their wings of color the inevitable picture, whose coming into being nothing now, whether good or evil, can hinder.

Keep one in your hand, and put the other two on a small book or on a black box which you will rest on your knees, placing them at a certain distance from each other in such a way that, when you hold your forefinger in front of the two super-white balls and focus on your forefinger, the eyes of the sea perch will join, thanks to the precious distance between your own eyes, the grace and the mystery of your binocular vision, and the two eyes of the sea perch will become one single ball. This ball will seem to exert a hypnotic effect on you, and it is very desirable that on that night you should go to sleep while looking at it.

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