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By Dillian Gordon

. lge fmt, 1981 illus, 2223pp

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Emphasise his supernatural being, Gabriel seems to hover above the garden of clover without making the slightest indentation or crushing any if to of the delicate leaves. The halo. Lippi avoids this mistake in the angel's face pure profile is unsullied. Lippi contemporary Florentine painters 40 punched rings of the where the simplicity of outline of the Virgin's face mingles with the was outstanding for the effectiveness even of his among line. his 41 Italian School Antonio and Picro del c. 1 POLLAIUOLO 44 1 to not later The Martyrdom of St.

Oil-painting, although but one of the it is earliest This early picture, possibly a self-portrait, dated 1433, is inscribed at the top with the words which translated run: 'As I can', the first part of a Flemish proverb. The pun on his meaning of 'As Eyck can'. Read own name gives the inscription a second like this, the picture appears to or perhaps a riposte to a similar picture by another be a boast painter, such as the of a man in a red turban attributed to the Master of Flemalle, also in the National Gallery.

Moreover, he chooses the very colours favoured by medieval painters, particularly the Sienese: the ring of angels, whose garments billow softly with the rhythm of their dance, is interwoven in a pattern of pink, olive green and white. Their robes are tinged with gold which emanates from the golden disc of heaven which has parted the natural sky and creates a mysterious glow in furthest away, is the largest, the forest clearing behind. was himself to become a focus for nostalgia when he came be admired by several of the Pre-Raphaelites.

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