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By Minc H.

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Giving marbles away, spending pocket money and difference. The context introduced to children should match the strategy being taught. Similarly, it is important to match language to the correct strategy. Representation needs to match the calculation structure. Some representations such as bricks and counters can match a range of structures, but representations such as number lines are useful for augmentation and reduction but not for aggregation and partitioning. The children’s learning Children’s understanding of calculation cannot be assessed by examples of completed ‘sums’.

Teaching of the skills of reasoning, communicating and developing solving strategies should be part of every lesson. ● Children need to be taught to make connections between language, notation and representation by teachers modelling solution strategies. ● The experiences of number should not be isolated to number lessons but need to be drawn from school-based activity in mathematics and other subjects, as well as the wider world, so that children can connect their learning experiences and so use and apply number.

7 + 9 as 9 is nearly 10 therefore I can add 10 to 7 and then adjust the answer down by 1. g. the answer for deciding the number of 33 Making Connections in Primary Mathematics round to the nearest 10, 100, 1 decimal place etc. and apply understanding of the real world to solving problems so that they are able to understand an equivalence between mathematical solutions and real world solutions. One of the means whereby children are able to carry out complex problems is by use of a calculator. Interpretation of a calculator solution, particularly if it involves division, can require children to round numbers of seven decimal places to gain an appropriate solution.

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